Zieta – Plopp Stool

The brainchild behind the wonderful, unique and colourful Plopp stools is Polish designer and engineer Oskar Zieta. Oskar started working with this technology whilst writing his doctor thesis at the ETH in Zurich (University of science and technology in Zurich). The stools (or any other Zieta products for that matter) are created by laser cutting two sheets of steel into a shape and welding them together, then inflating them with air. This process is called FiDU (“Freie Innen Druck Umformung – the Internal Pressure Forming”).

With this technology Zieta does not only create the funky Plopp stools but various other objects like mirrors, coat racks, benches and even custom designed artwork. And in future the plan is to ship the products flat packed to be then inflated at home. Currently this is only possible with the coat rack “Tatarak”.

Zieta is available in Australia through textura design.