There are so many extraordinary people out there creating the most unique and beautiful things! We like to find and meet them. s’more is a creative platform for collaboration, to visually bookmark things we like, write down our thoughts to what moves us and last but not least it is our own creative sandpit.

s’more is Kristin Buesing and Corina Schurmann.

Kristin is a food editor/stylist and photographer, you can find more about her and her work on instagram.com/kbuesing

Corina Schurmann is a creative ‘Jack of all Trades’ working in graphic design, web and a bit of photography, more o instagram.com/cd2s.creative

PS. All the posts are either produced by us or stuff we like and want to bookmark for ourselves. If at any point we would be sponsored we would mark the post as such.

PPS. The lovely photo was taken by our amazing friend Noni Carroll.