Vivid Festival in Sydney

Vivid Sydney is in its fourth year and I think this year will be quite a highlight of international artists and showcases. There are two acts I am most excited about and I admit in both cases I am biased because one is done by an artist collaboration called Urbanscreen from Germany and the other act is performed by MPU, which my husband has helped bring to life.

Here is an interview with Urbanscreen talking about their project ‘Lighting the Sails’ of the Sydney Opera House, launching the Vivid Festival this Friday, the 25 May. In the video you’ll see some of their other remarkable projects in Germany. Das geht! Check it out!

The other project I am looking forward to is “Snake the Planet’ an interactive digital art piece produced by Sydney collective Mobile Projection Unit (MPU). It takes the game of “Snake” which most likely will ring a bell for all ancient Nokia users (like myself), and projects it onto any city building. The players then play on that surface and windows, doors, signs all become obstacles as you writhe down the game.

I got commissioned to follow MPU around The Rocks looking for great spots and photograph their installation which you can see in Time Out (see below).

MPU will set up ‘Snake the Planet’ at different locations throughout The Rocks so no game will be the same. Keep your eyes open if you want to join in the fun.