Ti Mo from Norway

I have a new fashion love, it is called Ti Mo and I must admit, I am head over heels! Not that my closet holds any of these beautiful creations but I wish it did. Ti Mo was created by Tine Mollatt a Norwegian fashion designer from Oslo. Right from the start in 2004 her vision was very clear.

“No financial investors, no bank loans, no compromising of the values she believes in. Merely build it her way. From the bottom up. One brick at the time. For Tine truthfulness and honesty are also guiding beacons. She does not believe in exploitation of any kind to reach her goals. Not towards the people involved on the way, nor towards the animals that provide materials or towards mother earth. She believes in sustainability on all levels. She believes the time of mass consumption is soon to be past. She believes in high quality clothing that’s long lasting. She believes there is a right way to approach the calculation of costs, without cutting any corners. She believes in the value that lies within the garment and she believes in the masterful skill that lies in tailoring. These are her values. And this is by Ti Mo. “

And all of that leads to absolutely beautiful and feminine creations with a distinctive vintage feel. And oh yes, I absolutely love their photography… have a look.