The Most Powerful Arm for a Good Cause

My husband Tim has worked on this campaign to raise awareness and funds to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This disease affects mainly boys and they suffer from progressive deterioration of their muscles. The kids lose the ability to use their arms and for example sign their name very early in their life. This is why The Most Powerful Arm, a bionic arm was created. With this robotic arm you can help them by signing a petition to the Australian government, asking them to start important research on the crippling disease. Please add your signature at

bionic-petition-2 (1)
The arm is publicly installed in Sydney’s Customs House and takes your signature via the Facebook login. It then signs the petition for you, using the original handwriting of one of the children affected, Jacob Lancaster (who you also see in the video). A photo camera will take a picture of each signature and post it to the respective signer’s Facebook wall.

(via Adverblog)