Talk with Fashion Blogger Susie Bubble

Corina and I went to a talk yesterday by the fashion blogger Susie Bubble who blogs at Style Bubblein the UK. It was very interesting to hear why Susie started her blog and how she became involved with already established publishers and brands. I must admit though that I was a tad intimidated by all those fashion people who showed up as well. Everyone, except me, looked, well, so fashionable.

Susie has been blogging since 2006 and already after a year of blogging got invited by major fashion brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton to have an insight in how they manufacture their collection. At this point, and that was only a few minutes into her presentation, I got quite jealous. Isn’t that a dream to get invited to see how much thought and work goes into their items and brand.

She also worked at dazed digital the online site of dazed and confused which is pretty cool. That led to more projects with Prada, Gap and other renowned brands just to make make your eyes water. It’s needless to say that she gets invited to all those fashion weeks out there and is currently visiting Sydney for the Australian fashion week. Despite the privilege of being pampered by  designers she also made a point about how much work it means – among the fun- to cover those fashion weeks for your publication, no matter it’s digital or print.

After her presentation there was time for Q&A and the moderation was done by Harper’s Bazaar editor Edwina McCann. They talked about blog networks enabling advertisement placements on blogs. Susie warned though to keep an eye on your identity and the look of your blog. Not every brand will suit your style/need/message so be careful with whom and what you engage with. The most important thing she said is to develop content first and find your own voice, get an audience because that’s what the blog gets measured by. Stay true to yourself and don’t feel obliged to post something nice or at all only because you got invited to an event.