James Gulliver Hanckock

I just love the way Australian Artist James Gulliver Hancock illustrates the world around him with the most whimsical detail, don’t you…

(via Swiss Miss)

Henry Wilson – Industrial Designer

Last week the s’more team went to the VIVID Sydney ideas talk by etsy CEO Chad Dickerson. But what really caught our attention was Industrial Designer Henry Wilson. Henry was part of the discussion panel after the talk and briefly talked about his work.

We totally fell in love with Henry’s designs. Below some images of our favourites – the beautiful upcycled / reinvented Anglepoise desk lamp and the A-joint system.

This is what design should be – simple, clever and beautiful.

Henry Wilson - LED Anglepoise (glass)

LED Glass Anglepoise Desk Lamp

Henry Wilson - LED Anglepoise Close-Up

LED Glass Anglepoise Desk Lamp

Henry Wilson - Ceramic Anglepoise Lamp

Ceramic Anglepoise Desk Lamp

Henry Wilson - A-joint Table

A-Joint Table

Henry Wilson - A-Joint

A-Joint Design

Keep Warm with Tonfisk

I know this ceramic range from tonfisk in Finnland is not new, in fact we have had ours for over seven years but they always get the ahs and ohs upon their sleek design. The Skandi look/design is very popular here in Australia (and probably all over the world) and no wonder Helsinki got awarded World Design Capital 2012. I only wished it wasn’t so far away for me to pay a visit, but at least I can enjoy my cup of tea in my tonfisk cups from Finland.

Oak and white ceramic makes for a stylish afternoon tea time.

Walnut and white ceramic keeps your tea warm and your hands safe.