Bondi, my love

If there is anything I regret about moving to Sydney, it’s that we didn’t move right to Bondi Beach! I just love it! But then, at least I live in this very beautiful city  and the beaches are just one of the many cool things that Sydney has to offer.

Beginning of Winter I was following my friend around with my camera in hand on her morning surf (before going to work) and it was magnificent. The morning started not very promising actually.

It was grey and foggy when we got to the beach, and still very dark. But we got lucky, my friend took to the waves and I waited for the sun, and she came.

Gloomy Bondi
Paddle boarding and surfing in Bondi
Paddle boarding and surfing in Bondi
Bondi1_KristinBuesing-7 copy
Bondi1_KristinBuesing-9 copy
Bondi1_KristinBuesing-10 copy
Riding the waves
Riding the waves
Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach
Surfer are happy people
Happy surfer

Aquabumps – Photographer from Bondi

Eugene Tan, a Sydney-based photographer, has created a most wonderful website and gallery called Aquabumps. Shots of surfers waiting for the right wave, stunning sunsets over the ocean, surfers riding a wave an so on. Makes me want to jump on a board right away – if only I knew how to surf. But anyway, the photos are so beautiful you don’t really need to be a surfer to enjoy them.

In this video the Aquabumps gang rolled over to New Zealand for a little road trip, in search of surf and good vistas. Here is a little film about the journey and the guy (::uge) that takes all the pictures that you see on Traveling with surf guide, and legend, Maz Quinn to find all the best little places along NZ’s amazing coastline of the North Island. By Knack Studios.