Panda Pad by Beehive - s'more

The Panda Pad by Beehive

If you are like me, then despite all the tech gadgets you walk around with nowadays, you still do carry a notebook. I definitely do, for my daily doodles, notes about client projects etc. For me – these still have to be written down on paper.

To keep it short, the beautiful Panda Pad by the Sydney based The Beehive studio of Industrial Designers, Entrepreneurs and Engineers made me look.

It is a sustainably crafted, beautiful bamboo notebook, customized with your name, which is laser engraved. And the really wonderful thing is, you can replace the notebook with anything you like, your favourite book, diary or just another notebook.

Panda Pad by Beehive

Panda Pad 1 by Beehive

Three Twigs — Wooden Sunnies

The next summer is coming — if you are in the northern hemisphere you are already there — for us Down Under it is still a few months away. But never too early to get ready. So check out these übercool sunnies from Three Twigs in Australia. The cool thing about their sunglasses is that the frames are made out of wood or bamboo and for each pair sold Three Twigs is donating to organisations who are serious about preserving the world’s natural resources…. so bring on summer!