Laneway Learning, Melbourne

Everyone loves learning, but most evening classes seem like such a commitment. Laneway Learning is different; we host cheap, informal classes in anything that takes our fancy.

Have you heard about Laneway Learning in Melbourne? Laneway Learning was brought to life by a group of friends (Mark Gergory, Kim Hay, Lucie Bradley and Tom Ding) with a passion for learning.

It is a ragtag series of evening classes held in a (laneway) cafe in Melbourne. The classes are very reasonable priced at generally $12, informal and taught by ordinary people from the local community.

So if you are interested in learning things like Collaborative Art, Creative Expression, A Very Crafty Way to Calm, Typography: Building an Alphabet or Neuroplasticity: Brains on the Starting Block, Bookbinding and many other very interesting and inspiring topics, then check out their website and book yourself a spot.