Der Gugl – a revival

First a bit of history: A Gugelhupf or Gugelhopf is a southern German, Austrian and Swiss term for a Bundt cake. The “Gugel-” probably derived from the Middle High German word gugel (hood), and the part “-hupf” is a variation of “Hefe” (yeast). It is baked in a special pan with a central tube.

It’s not that Germans have forgotten about the Gugelhupf, but well, it wasn’t very fashionable. That definitely has changed thanks to Der Gugl Manufaktur in Muenchen.

They shrunk both the size and its name  and added a lot of different flavours to choose from.

A nice packaging and design and a cook book, of course! Now it’s talk of the town and the Gugl celebrating its revival, isn’t that sweet as?  Have a break, have a Gugl!