Culinary Misfits – Berlin

Recently we came across these remarkable two women who founded “Culinary Misfits – eat the whole crop!” in Berlin. A movement to save vegetables that is far from looking perfect (at least in the eyes of supermarkets) but still taste the same, if not even better as it has so much more character .

Approximately half of the daily crop on farms gets thrown out because of its look. The carrot may have three legs, or the potato has not the correct round shape. That’s were Lea and Tania from Culinary Misfits step in, they buy those vegetables and cook with it.  They now run a catering business under the same name and sometimes are seen at the local farmers market selling pickled culinary misfits.

Soon they will also open a permanent shop in Berlin. Check out their website  Culinary Misfits (you need to have a slight understanding of German though ;-) for more details.