Zieta – Plopp Stool

The brainchild behind the wonderful, unique and colourful Plopp stools is Polish designer and engineer Oskar Zieta. Oskar started working with this technology whilst writing his doctor thesis at the ETH in Zurich (University of science and technology in Zurich). The stools (or any other Zieta products for that matter) are created by laser cutting two sheets of steel into a shape and welding them together, then inflating them with air. This process is called FiDU (“Freie Innen Druck Umformung – the Internal Pressure Forming”).

With this technology Zieta does not only create the funky Plopp stools but various other objects like mirrors, coat racks, benches and even custom designed artwork. And in future the plan is to ship the products flat packed to be then inflated at home. Currently this is only possible with the coat rack “Tatarak”.

Zieta is available in Australia through textura design.

In bed with Anthropologie

Just in case the rain continues, these are the perfect blankets to hide under plus some matching dishes for breakfast in bed! Extremely beautiful styling and photography as well. You can order it from Anthropologie.

Cradle Chair

Have a relaxing weekend!

Cradle chair from INDN341 designed by Richard Clarkson, Grace Emmanual, Kalivia Russel, Eamon Moore, Brodie Cambell, Jeremy Brooker, Joya Boerrigter.

The chair references IKEA furniture ideology and is designed to be flat-packed, minimising packaging and transportation waste. The cradle chair is manufactured from reusable and environmentally friendly raw materials.

via email from Margaret Ceresoli and via Yanko Design

I am busy!

Believe me, I am so flat out!

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Magic Decal Tutorial

I admit, I am not the craftiest person, but when I saw the waterslide decal tutorial for kitchen storage jars by the The Painted Hive, I was sold. This is definitely on my To Do List and my brain already is buzzing with many other options to use this method. AND this is definitely much more stylish than my current solution of using a whiteboard marker.

There is a full step by step tutorial over on The Painted Hive website.

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Urban Cartel – Contemporary Porcelain

I am currently quite obsessed with finding the perfect breakfast/dessert/soup bowl for my kitchen. Yes, in my household things have to be simple, beautiful AND multifunctional… Today I came across Urban Cartel and their amazing handmade homewares. I love the simple shapes and beautiful colours …. they are definitely shortlisted.

Urban Cartel’s homewares are handmade in Melborune, Australia, by Craig Pearce. You can buy or find out more about the products on Mosey or at the Rose Street Artist Market in Fitzroy (Melbourne).

Skatebacks prettify your iPhone

Crafted from the waste material created during skateboard manufacturing, Grove SkateBacks have a certain ‘Paul Smith’ whiff about them.

I am seriously considering their colourful stripes (they also come in a toned down colour way) for my current iPhone. But then again, the new iPhone 5 might be coming out soon and have a slightly different shape…

Anyone not ready to upgrade? I hear Samsung’s Android phones are getting better by the day. But if you caught fire, you can add some street-cred and shredding personality to the rear of your iPhone for about $50 (US). They are made from 100% post-industrial skate board material, and attach to your iPhone 4 or 4S via a peel-and-stick 3M adhesive that promises to allow for residue-free removal.


Henry Wilson – Industrial Designer

Last week the s’more team went to the VIVID Sydney ideas talk by etsy CEO Chad Dickerson. But what really caught our attention was Industrial Designer Henry Wilson. Henry was part of the discussion panel after the talk and briefly talked about his work.

We totally fell in love with Henry’s designs. Below some images of our favourites – the beautiful upcycled / reinvented Anglepoise desk lamp and the A-joint system.

This is what design should be – simple, clever and beautiful.

Henry Wilson - LED Anglepoise (glass)

LED Glass Anglepoise Desk Lamp

Henry Wilson - LED Anglepoise Close-Up

LED Glass Anglepoise Desk Lamp

Henry Wilson - Ceramic Anglepoise Lamp

Ceramic Anglepoise Desk Lamp

Henry Wilson - A-joint Table

A-Joint Table

Henry Wilson - A-Joint

A-Joint Design

Very Cool Marriage Proposal

I don’t think this needs any words or explanation…. just watch… very creative marriage proposal …. definitely made me smile today.

Fromage La Rue

I just got back from the Finders Keepers Market and stumbled upon these really cool illuminated signs by Kane Sullivan aka Fromage La Rue. I am not sure why Kane Sullivan chose “street cheese” or “Strassenkaese” as his company’s name but the illuminated signs he designs and builds are ueber cool. Get the Las Vegas vibe and save on candles as they will create a beautiful ambient light – I like it a lot.

If only I already had the cool warehouse dwell that would go with it.

Read his interview here if you want to know more about him and his oversized and heavy lettering (and a little insight about the  name ;-).



Finders Keepers Market in Sydney

The Finders Keepers Markets are a free bi-annual event that showcases the work of emerging designers and artists from all around Australia and New Zealand! The first markets were held in December 2008 at CarriageWorks in Sydney, followed by Markets in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Art, prints, stationary, fashion, pottery and much more, there is so much on offer at this beautiful market created and organised by the duo behind the Follow Store in Surry Hills who have been advocates of supporting emerging design since their first beginnings in 2007.

Today is the Finders Keepers market in Sydney at Carriageworks in Eveleigh. Check out more dates here.

Vivid Festival in Sydney

Vivid Sydney is in its fourth year and I think this year will be quite a highlight of international artists and showcases. There are two acts I am most excited about and I admit in both cases I am biased because one is done by an artist collaboration called Urbanscreen from Germany and the other act is performed by MPU, which my husband has helped bring to life.

Here is an interview with Urbanscreen talking about their project ‘Lighting the Sails’ of the Sydney Opera House, launching the Vivid Festival this Friday, the 25 May. In the video you’ll see some of their other remarkable projects in Germany. Das geht! Check it out!

The other project I am looking forward to is “Snake the Planet’ an interactive digital art piece produced by Sydney collective Mobile Projection Unit (MPU). It takes the game of “Snake” which most likely will ring a bell for all ancient Nokia users (like myself), and projects it onto any city building. The players then play on that surface and windows, doors, signs all become obstacles as you writhe down the game.

I got commissioned to follow MPU around The Rocks looking for great spots and photograph their installation which you can see in Time Out (see below).

MPU will set up ‘Snake the Planet’ at different locations throughout The Rocks so no game will be the same. Keep your eyes open if you want to join in the fun.

Pony Rider Font Cushion

When browsing through the new Koskela Store in Rosebery I excitedly noticed new cushions from Pony Rider. Check it out, they are damn cool if you appreciate fonts like me.

Keep Warm with Tonfisk

I know this ceramic range from tonfisk in Finnland is not new, in fact we have had ours for over seven years but they always get the ahs and ohs upon their sleek design. The Skandi look/design is very popular here in Australia (and probably all over the world) and no wonder Helsinki got awarded World Design Capital 2012. I only wished it wasn’t so far away for me to pay a visit, but at least I can enjoy my cup of tea in my tonfisk cups from Finland.

Oak and white ceramic makes for a stylish afternoon tea time.

Walnut and white ceramic keeps your tea warm and your hands safe.

Tattly Temporary Tattoos

Do you have a child? If yes, I bet you’ve bought tattoos for birthday bashes or other occasions and wondered if there is something more designy out there which actually would make it fun for you too! Well, I have and that’s how I found (okay the credit actually goes to my hubby), Tattly temporary tattoos.

They have so many great designs it’s hard to make up your mind. But then, they are only temporary tattoos so why not go to town with it?

Tattly tattoo designs.

Tattly tattoo designs.

Tattly does designs for grown-ups too!

I only wish they would have unicorn tattoos as this is what I am currently searching for and everything I found is not nice at all. So please, Tattly team, feel inspired to create good looking unicorn tattoos. I know it’s a hard one but I am sure you can do it :-)

Fabric-a-brac Market this Weekend

When flicking through the Inner West Courier today something caught my eye: There is a so called fabric-a-brac market taking place this Sunday, May 6, 10am-3pm at Petersham Town Hall in Crystal St. So, if you in need, or just want, more fabric, buttons or all other things for sewing head to Petersham. The money raised goes to charity.

Sounds like a nice afternoon with the girls…but to make it even better, Chris The from Black Star Pastry will be selling his famous cakes and pastries at the market too.

Talk with Fashion Blogger Susie Bubble

Corina and I went to a talk yesterday by the fashion blogger Susie Bubble who blogs at Style Bubblein the UK. It was very interesting to hear why Susie started her blog and how she became involved with already established publishers and brands. I must admit though that I was a tad intimidated by all those fashion people who showed up as well. Everyone, except me, looked, well, so fashionable.

Susie has been blogging since 2006 and already after a year of blogging got invited by major fashion brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton to have an insight in how they manufacture their collection. At this point, and that was only a few minutes into her presentation, I got quite jealous. Isn’t that a dream to get invited to see how much thought and work goes into their items and brand.

She also worked at dazed digital the online site of dazed and confused which is pretty cool. That led to more projects with Prada, Gap and other renowned brands just to make make your eyes water. It’s needless to say that she gets invited to all those fashion weeks out there and is currently visiting Sydney for the Australian fashion week. Despite the privilege of being pampered by  designers she also made a point about how much work it means – among the fun- to cover those fashion weeks for your publication, no matter it’s digital or print.

After her presentation there was time for Q&A and the moderation was done by Harper’s Bazaar editor Edwina McCann. They talked about blog networks enabling advertisement placements on blogs. Susie warned though to keep an eye on your identity and the look of your blog. Not every brand will suit your style/need/message so be careful with whom and what you engage with. The most important thing she said is to develop content first and find your own voice, get an audience because that’s what the blog gets measured by. Stay true to yourself and don’t feel obliged to post something nice or at all only because you got invited to an event.

Easter Inspiration

A few weeks ago Kristin and I packed the car and drove up to the Blue Mountains in Sydney to shoot the Easter e-mag. Our amazing and utterly creative hosts Juliana an artist/crafter/designer, her husband Lenny Bartulin a novelist, and their son Luka made us so welcome. Even though the weather looked very grim on Saturday, on Sunday morning the sun peaked out and it was the perfect day for the photo shoot.

To Juliana, Lenny, Luca and all our beautiful models, thank you so much for being part of this project and for making it such a wonderful experience.

We got so many great photos, here some that did not make it into the magazine but we still love.

It is nearly Easter

I stumbled across this wonderful and funny Easter poem by poet Rita Dove the other day. “The Rabbit with the Droopy Ear” … made me smile.