I love Mr Mittens – Heartworking Knitwear


I have a a new winter crush… he is called I love Mr Mittens – Heartworking Knitwear. The he is created by a she, Belgian born Stéphanie Caulier, in Australia. Now it just needs to get cold again!

I love Mr Mittens

Handbags from Upcycled Ringbinders


Who knew office ringbinders could be so glamorous?

Carsten Fichtel and Tobias Förtsch from the German label ad:acta turn humble old office ringbinders into glamourous and beautiful handbags.

Each binder is carefully selected and cleaned, then coated against weather and water before they are stitched up with real leather and lined with durable fabric. And all that in true German craftsmanship.

In Australia ad:acta is available through upcyclette.





Dresses Made from Upcycled Speedos

These amazing dresses are made out of upcycled Speedos. Who knew Speedos could be so fashionable? UK designer Orsola de Castro with her fashion label From Somewhere is the maker of the beautiful creations.

Handmade Marcue shoes

These shoes, mostly brogues, are absolutely gorgeous. They are designed and made by Marina Roorda under her label Marcue in Sydney. I first spotted her shoes at the Finders Keepers Market back in June at Carriage works and totally fell in love. They can also be ordered, and shipped everywhere, through her website and Etsy store. The only reason, I haven’t ordered a pair yet is because I can’t decide which one – tough decision, I know.


Fashion helmets from Yakkay

One comment I read recently on Pinterest said that every photo looks better with a bike in it too. I agree, there is definitely a noticeable trend towards push bikes and bike attire. But what about those not so fashionable helmets people have to wear in Australia (including me)?

I came across these cool helmets a while ago. Such a simple idea, buy one basic safety helmet and slip over a hat cover, et voila – no one will call you a dork anymore!

The company is called Yakkay and is based in Denmark. There’s one catch though, they sell their product all over Europe but not in Australia – yet! Hope they will notice us people Down Under soon…




Toms — Shoes and Sunnies

Toms are not really new but I love their concept that needs to be supported. With every pair you purchase, Toms will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One.

On top of being a good and caring human being they are also quite comfortable yet trendy.

If you are planning your wedding next summer check out this video, you might even trade your Jimmy Choos for Toms.

Elk Accessories — Melbourne

There is this one designer from Melbourne who creates beautiful accessoires and now also clothes and shoes. The style is sometimes bold but simple yet trendy. The name is no coincident the designs could also come from Finnland or Denmark as they carry this Skandi look that I like very much.

Three Twigs — Wooden Sunnies

The next summer is coming — if you are in the northern hemisphere you are already there — for us Down Under it is still a few months away. But never too early to get ready. So check out these übercool sunnies from Three Twigs in Australia. The cool thing about their sunglasses is that the frames are made out of wood or bamboo and for each pair sold Three Twigs is donating to organisations who are serious about preserving the world’s natural resources…. so bring on summer!

Freitag – F60 JOAN

The new F60 JOAN hand- and bicycle bag from Freitag went on promotour cycling through New York, Zurich, Davos, Koeln, Hamburg, Berlin, Wien, Rom, Tokyo, Paris and Amsterdam… shame it did not make it to Sydney… Love the video and the bag, multifunctional and smart.

For those who don’t know — Freitag makes very beautiful bags out of recycled tarpaulin, so totally two thumbs up for making something new and beautiful out of something old.

Freitag - F60 JOAN


Feeling the start of winter? Yes, in the southern hemisphere or better in Sydney where we are winter has definitely set in. As I am writing this post it is pouring down over Sydney and I am sitting in front of the gas heater. So the beautiful and bright colours of the tights and stockings in the Tightology newsletter totally caught my eye. I bought some of their tights last year and just love the designs, colours, patterns and fabrics. My favourite fabric is bamboo but they also come in organic cotton and merino wool.

Tightology is built on the foundation of being original, ethical and Australian made. So they definitely get my two thumbs up.





Gettin’ shirty with you

Despite the rainy winter weather that has enwrapped Sydney at the moment, we at S’more felt like reviewing some fresh T-shirt designs. We recently spotted some cool trends across the web, that we wanted to share with you. And maybe you live in a time zone that generously sports some blue skies, lovely sunshine and fluffy clouds – then these shirts are made for your frolicking outside right now.

First up is the self-proclaimed ‘bad ass ping pong label’ Thompson Punke. With a name inspired by author Hunter S. Thompson and run by some Brooklyn hipsters (who keep a day job in advertising), it features some ping pong terminology and jokes on nicely fitted T-shirts. Their site is well designed with a good dose of that All-American ‘optimism with an attitude’.

And what I probably found funniest was their Facebook hand ‘flipping the bird’.

Facebook is for losers

Facebook is for losers

“Cho!” is a common Chinese phrase that some players yell out after winning an intense point.


CHO! What else were you ging to say?

Go big then go home

'Nuff said.

Secondly, if you want to go minimal, nothing comes closer to it than the German design studio BLXNK (via) I am not sure how they’d like you to pronounce it, probably BLINK?
Go for ‘The Kreis’ (Circle)

BLXNK - Der Kreis

‘The Kreuz” (Cross)

The Kreuz

or just end all unnecessary discussions with a big fat black ‘Viereck’ (Rectangle)

The Viereck / Rectangle

If you like the minimalism but still want to convey some mystic weight, Sydney-based label “Moons of Apollo” have created sparse and elegant designs that reference a bit of the old Greeks and Romans.

Lastly, the T-mag series is very eclectic due to different artists designing its issues. But what is remarkable is a) the photography of the shirts and b) that all designs are graphic interpretations of news stories that are printed on the inside of the same shirt. So you can relay the story behind the design – and potentially start a debate about society and the bollocks that passes as our world’s politics.

T-mag shirts

T mag series

T mag series

Finders Keepers Market in Sydney

The Finders Keepers Markets are a free bi-annual event that showcases the work of emerging designers and artists from all around Australia and New Zealand! The first markets were held in December 2008 at CarriageWorks in Sydney, followed by Markets in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Art, prints, stationary, fashion, pottery and much more, there is so much on offer at this beautiful market created and organised by the duo behind the Follow Store in Surry Hills who have been advocates of supporting emerging design since their first beginnings in 2007.

Today is the Finders Keepers market in Sydney at Carriageworks in Eveleigh. Check out more dates here.

Bill Cunningham – New York

I finally watched the Bill Cunningham – New York documentary on DVD yesterday. Yes I know – I am very late! The movie came out about a year ago. But if you haven’t seen it yet, do so. It is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time.

Bill is a truly talented and inspirational artist. But what struck me most, is what an amazing human being Bill is. So humble and so much integrity…. and such a funny guy. Thank you Bill for agreeing to make this film. You truly inspire us all.

You can watch the trailer below. The movie is available on DVD. For more information visit www.zeitgeistfilms.com.

Chanel and the Black Jacket

Ah, you’ve gotta love Karl! He is just so amazing and he’s done it again. This time he collaborated with Carine Roitfeld as stylist (former editor of Vogue France) to create a photo exhibition with numerous good looking and famous people wearing the classic black Chanel jacket. I unfortunately wasn’t invited to this high-class exhibition but luckily got the newsletter from Trendland.