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Downtown from Behind

Such a great idea by photographer Bridget Fleming:  bike-riders on the streets in New York – but from behind! “I got lucky. A bike was one of the first things I bought when I moved here from Sydney three years ago. If I wasn’t riding between cafés and bars downtown maybe I wouldn’t have had the idea!” (source The […]

Der Gugl – a revival

First a bit of history: A Gugelhupf or Gugelhopf is a southern German, Austrian and Swiss term for a Bundt cake. The “Gugel-” probably derived from the Middle High German word gugel (hood), and the part “-hupf” is a variation of “Hefe” (yeast). It is baked in a special pan with a central tube. It’s not that Germans […]

Skatebacks prettify your iPhone

Crafted from the waste material created during skateboard manufacturing, Grove SkateBacks have a certain ‘Paul Smith’ whiff about them. I am seriously considering their colourful stripes (they also come in a toned down colour way) for my current iPhone. But then again, the new iPhone 5 might be coming out soon and have a slightly […]

Gettin’ shirty with you

Despite the rainy winter weather that has enwrapped Sydney at the moment, we at S’more felt like reviewing some fresh T-shirt designs. We recently spotted some cool trends across the web, that we wanted to share with you. And maybe you live in a time zone that generously sports some blue skies, lovely sunshine and fluffy […]

Fromage La Rue

I just got back from the Finders Keepers Market and stumbled upon these really cool illuminated signs by Kane Sullivan aka Fromage La Rue. I am not sure why Kane Sullivan chose “street cheese” or “Strassenkaese” as his company’s name but the illuminated signs he designs and builds are ueber cool. Get the Las Vegas vibe and […]

Finders Keepers Market in Sydney

The Finders Keepers Markets are a free bi-annual event that showcases the work of emerging designers and artists from all around Australia and New Zealand! The first markets were held in December 2008 at CarriageWorks in Sydney, followed by Markets in Brisbane and Melbourne. Art, prints, stationary, fashion, pottery and much more, there is so much […]

Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland

These photos are unbelievably creative. It’s Once upon a Time meets Crouching Tigger, Hidden Dragon and then down the rabbit hole to have tea with Alice in Wonderland. “Kirsty Mitchell was born and raised in the county of Kent, known to many as the ‘Garden of England’. Her mother, an English teacher and passionate storyteller, […]

Aquabumps – Photographer from Bondi

Eugene Tan, a Sydney-based photographer, has created a most wonderful website and gallery called Aquabumps. Shots of surfers waiting for the right wave, stunning sunsets over the ocean, surfers riding a wave an so on. Makes me want to jump on a board right away – if only I knew how to surf. But anyway, the photos are so […]

Vivid Festival in Sydney

Vivid Sydney is in its fourth year and I think this year will be quite a highlight of international artists and showcases. There are two acts I am most excited about and I admit in both cases I am biased because one is done by an artist collaboration called Urbanscreen from Germany and the other act is […]

Surreal Photography by Martin Stranka

A while ago I came across those beautiful photos/art works from Martin Stranka, (via Digital Photography School) a photographer/artist from Czech Republic. It seems he has won every photography award out there and his exhibitions have shown around the world. Except Sydney though. His photos create a delightful melancholy and draw you right into it. Check out Martin Stranka’s […]

Street Art Made in Germany

What a coincidence! My husband just told me about some street art pieces he once saw, painted electric meters making them look like council housing – so called “Plattenbauten” – but couldn’t remember the name of the artist. I again, received a newsletter from Trendland (honestly, subscribe) with new artwork from that artist with the forgotten name. […]

Lama/Non Lama Exhibition

I just received the latest Trendland newsletter and noticed this beautiful and amazing collaboration between fantastic artists and manufacturers. The photography (by Andrea Ferrari) and styling (by Studiopepe) is stunning. Lama /Non Lama (Blade, Not Blade) exhibition opened last week, featuring a selection of knives from an array of artists, designers and manufacturers, in collaboration with the […]

52 Suburbs Goes Travelling

Last year I met Louise Hawson, a photographer from Sydney, at a talk which was part of her very own photo exhibition in the Sydney Museum. Louise had the grand idea (one, where one thinks, gosh, I wish it was my idea) to photograph suburbs in Sydney she had never visited before even tough she […]

The Ballerina Project

I never wanted to be a ballerina as a child but this project by Dane Shitagi  The Ballerina Project is just so beautiful! I especially love the shots because of the juxtaposition of the ballerina outside her usual environment on the stage. It makes them even more graceful. It all started in Hawaii where the photographer Dane Shitagi is from […]

Chanel and the Black Jacket

Ah, you’ve gotta love Karl! He is just so amazing and he’s done it again. This time he collaborated with Carine Roitfeld as stylist (former editor of Vogue France) to create a photo exhibition with numerous good looking and famous people wearing the classic black Chanel jacket. I unfortunately wasn’t invited to this high-class exhibition but luckily got the newsletter from Trendland.

Keep Warm with Tonfisk

I know this ceramic range from tonfisk in Finnland is not new, in fact we have had ours for over seven years but they always get the ahs and ohs upon their sleek design. The Skandi look/design is very popular here in Australia (and probably all over the world) and no wonder Helsinki got awarded […]

Tattly Temporary Tattoos

Do you have a child? If yes, I bet you’ve bought tattoos for birthday bashes or other occasions and wondered if there is something more designy out there which actually would make it fun for you too! Well, I have and that’s how I found (okay the credit actually goes to my hubby), Tattly temporary tattoos. They have so many […]

Fabric-a-brac Market this Weekend

When flicking through the Inner West Courier today something caught my eye: There is a so called fabric-a-brac market taking place this Sunday, May 6, 10am-3pm at Petersham Town Hall in Crystal St. So, if you in need, or just want, more fabric, buttons or all other things for sewing head to Petersham. The money […]

Talk with Fashion Blogger Susie Bubble

Corina and I went to a talk yesterday by the fashion blogger Susie Bubble who blogs at Style Bubblein the UK. It was very interesting to hear why Susie started her blog and how she became involved with already established publishers and brands. I must admit though that I was a tad intimidated by all those fashion people who showed […]