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Helvetia’s Dream – Alessandro Della Bella

Yes you are right…. or maybe you didn’t notice because you have been busy too… but it has been a while since we posted something on s’more… but day to day life sometimes takes over and life gets very busy…. but when I came across Alessandro Della Bella’s amazing time-lapse photography of Switzerland a couple […]

Uimi Knitwear — Melbourne

Meet uimi knitwear … we think just in time to get ready for the cooler days and cold nights. Winter is approaching fast! uimi is a small Melbourne based lifestyle brand, specialising in eco-friendly knitwear, producing wonderful throws, blankets, womens & kids wear, cushions and much much more… made exclusively from natural fibres, including extra […]

Atelier Make – Montreal

Atelier Make is a Montreal based ceramic design and production studio of artists Maya Ersan & Jamie Robson. Their design aesthetic ranges from minimal to whimsical, bringing beauty and fine craft into daily life. Maya and Jaimie reinterpret traditional ceramic forms with a contemporary twist. We love their minimalist yet still playful and functional approach […]

Laneway Learning, Melbourne

Have you heard about Laneway Learning in Melbourne? Laneway Learning was brought to life by a group of friends (Mark Gergory, Kim Hay, Lucie Bradley and Tom Ding) with a passion for learning. It is a ragtag series of evening classes held in a (laneway) cafe in Melbourne. The classes are very reasonable priced at generally […]

Tufts – Daisy

How pretty is Daisy and so in the spirit of a big Easter Sunday brunch … or really any other Sunday brunch gathering for that matter. I have just come across Tufts and the beautiful Daisy tableware, handmade in Melbourne by Ingrid Tufts. Tufts is a small studio producing handmade ceramic tableware and creator of […]

The Cartography of Kitchenware

I just stumbled across the Cartography of Kitchenware by the Brooklyn based Pop Chart Lab and had to post it …  for Kristin who is a food stylist and my fellow s’more blogger. It lists any kitchen utensil you think you may ever need….. and some more… (via FastCo)

Milton Glaser on Talent

The real issue is not talent as an independent element, but talent in relationship to will, desire, and persistence. Talent without these things vanishes and even modest talent with those characteristics grows. – by Milton Glaser (via Quotes on Design)

Handbags from Upcycled Ringbinders

Who knew office ringbinders could be so glamorous? Carsten Fichtel and Tobias Förtsch from the German label ad:acta turn humble old office ringbinders into glamourous and beautiful handbags. Each binder is carefully selected and cleaned, then coated against weather and water before they are stitched up with real leather and lined with durable fabric. And […]

The Panda Pad by Beehive

If you are like me, then despite all the tech gadgets you walk around with nowadays, you still do carry a notebook. I definitely do, for my daily doodles, notes about client projects etc. For me – these still have to be written down on paper. To keep it short, the beautiful Panda Pad by […]

Bloon – Springtime Bicycle Picnic Basket

Australia Day is just around the corner and with the wonderful temperatures and weather it is just about time for a picnic in the park. That’s at least what we are planning here at s’more. So how about this inventive bicycle picnic basket / chair / table all in one. The designer behind this wonderful […]

Brunsli {Chocolate Almond Cookie}

Only four sleeps til Christmas… enough time to bake another batch of cookies… so why not try Brunsli? One of the most popular Swiss christmas cookies and absolutely delicious with coffee, tea or even a glass of wine. Ingredients 250 g sugar 250 g ground almonds 1/2 tsp cinnamon 2 tbsp plain flour 2 egg […]