52 Suburbs Goes Travelling

Last year I met Louise Hawson, a photographer from Sydney, at a talk which was part of her very own photo exhibition in the Sydney Museum. Louise had the grand idea (one, where one thinks, gosh, I wish it was my idea) to photograph suburbs in Sydney she had never visited before even tough she grew up in Sydney. She went to places like Bonnyrigg and Cabramatta, on the outskirts of Sydney to see who lives there and how. Her photos build the blog 52 suburbs (because each week she would visit and photograph a different Sydney suburb) which attracted a large number of followers. Her blog became a book and her exhibition was a great success. Inspired by her success and support she has started her next journey: travelling the world with her camera and her daughter to find and photograph suburbs off the tourist track.

She started in Hong Kong, flew to Delhi and is currently in Paris. Have a look at her blog, her photographs are amazing, quirky, colourful, bold and intimate depending on where she is.